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      LGB Annubar Flow Meter

      Operating principle of LGB Annubar Flow Meter is the same as that of other kinds of differential pressure flow meters, Annubar Flow Meter is superior to other differential pressure flow meters because of its unique structure.

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        1.Unique rhombic monolithic double-cavity structure avoids the chamber leakage or fracture caused by the multi-piece structure or welding process of other forms of sensors and increases the overall strength of the sensor part;

        2.It can measure many kinds of medium, such as dry or moist gas, vapor, liquid, etc.

        3.Probe materials have special 1.4528 and ha C4 alloys, specifically for a variety of strong corrosion medium;

        4.Good plugging performance

        5.It can be measured in both directions

        6.Small permanent pressure loss, about 3% of the full scale differential pressure value

        7.It can directly measure the temperature and pressure of the medium, calculate the mass flow rate of vapor and gas and the standard flow rate

        8.Resistance (sensor) components and transmitters are all universal, free exchange, save spare parts costs. Intelligent, with HART communication protocol, can be remote configuration and calibration function.

      Main Technical Parameters

      Specification Types: Economical thread connection, Economical flange connection, Accurate pipe type

      Measuring Accuracy : 1.0%, pipe type can reach 0.5%

      Repeatability : ±0.2%

      Turndown: 10:1 in general

      Straight Section Requirements: Before 8D After 4D in general

      Pressure Loss :3% of differential pressure

      Caliber Range: DN50~DN1800

      Temperature Range:?Max up to 260℃ for integrated installation?and max up to 400℃ for split installation.


      Electricity Industry: Desalination Tanks


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