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      LGP Balanced Flow Meter (Multi-Hole Orifice Flow Meter)

      LGP balanced flow meter is a flow element developed on the basis of standard orifice plate. Its sensor is a porous disk throttling rectifier mounted on the section of the pipe. Size and distribution of each hole are customized based on test data and become function holes. The balanced flow meter sensor can realize the fluid balance measurement skillfully, obviously reduces the eddy current formation, reduces the dead effect and the fluid kinetic energy loss.

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        1.High accuracy

        2.Low requirement of straight pipe section, in most cases the straight pipe section can be as small as 0.5 D~2 D, a large number of straight pipe sections can be saved by using LGP balanced flow meter;

        3.Low permanent pressure loss and the differential pressure value is not reduced under the same measuring condition, the permanent pressure loss can be reduced by ? ?.

        4.Wide range ratio

        5.Good repeatability and long-term stability

        6.Wide range of application, can measure the gas-liquid two-phase, slurry and even solid particle. The balanced flow meter measures the complete symmetry of the left and right of flow element, so the bidirectional flow can be measured.

      Main Technical Parameters




      Nominal Diameter: 25mm;50mm;80mm;100mm;150mm;200mm;250mm;300mm.

      Working Pressure: 0~42MPa

      Medium Temperature: -196℃≤T≤+650℃

      Caliber: DN25~DN500

      Reynolds Range: 500~1×107


      Refining: Hydrocracking, isomerization, catalytic reforming, sulfur recovery


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