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      MTF Variable Area Flow Meter (Rotameter)

      MTF variable area flow meter is measured by outputting 4~20 mA two-wire linear current signal, and the communication protocol is loaded. The remote configuration, monitoring, maintenance and calibration of the instrument can be realized. The pressure regulator (constant flow valve) can be selected to make the outlet flow stable.

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        1.It can measure liquid, gas and vapor, especially for the flow measurement with small flow rate and low Reynolds number, it has more unique advantages than other flow meters.
        2.Lower pressure loss, generally is 4~9kpa, higher is 20kpa.
        3.There is a wide flow range, generally is 10:1, the special design flow range can be extended.
        4.The factory calibration adopts the method of 11 sections calibration, and the precision of the product reaches 1.0 grade.
        5.It can select card sleeve connection, piping φ6mm、φ8mm、φ10mm、φ12mm. Flange connections can also be selected and the flange standard is determined according to user requirements.
        6.Max pressure is 69Mpa

      Main Technical Parameters

      Main Parameters

      Working Voltage: 12V~30VDC

      Output Signal: Two-wire 4~20 mADC current output and load HART protocol communication

      Flange Standard: HG/T20592-2009;HG/T20615-2009 or on request

      Power Supply Inlet: M12×1.5(Female Thread) or on request

      Input Impedance: >100MΩ

      Standard Load Resistance: 250Ω

      Nominal Pressure: DN15~DN50 is ≤10.0MPa,DN80~DN100 is≤6.3MPa or on request

      Accuracy: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0

      Turndown: 10:1

      Medium Temperature: -40℃≤T≤300℃

      Damping Time Selection: 0-32 seconds

      Ambient Temperature: -40℃≤T≤80℃ (When ≤-20℃, LCD is not displayed)

      Explosion-proof Type: Ex ia Ⅱ C T4 Ga; Ex d Ⅱ C T4 Gb

      IP Rating: IP66


      Measurement Range

      Water: 2.5 L/h~100000L/h(20℃)

      Air: 0.07 m3/h~1800m3/h(0.1013MPa, 20℃)

      DN25、DN40: η<250mPa.s
      DN50、DN80、DN100: η<300mPa.s



      Classified by installation mode: Vertical installation type and Horizontal installation type.

      Classified by applicable medium:

      Basic Type: It is applicable for liquid measurement

      Damping Type: It is applicable for gas and vapor measurement

      Anticorrosive Type: Lined with PTFE, suitable for corrosive medium measurement

      Clamp Type: Suitable for heat preservation or cooling of medium.

      Note: (Anticorrosive and clamp without the horizontal installation type)





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