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      NBLB Target Flow Meter

      NBLB target flow meter is a new generation of flow meter developed by our company. It adopts a new force-torque tube-corner conversion mechanism, transfers the angle through the torque tube, then measures the angle through the high precision Hall sensor and outputs the voltage signal corresponding to the flow change and outputs the standard 4 mA~20 mA square (linear) current analog signal. The instrument has the modern popular enclosure design, the shape is beautiful and each working chamber is isolated, uses the non-contact angle measurement technology to avoid the strain sensor force deformation, safe and reliable.

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        1.The test piece is unmoved, the structure is firm and simple, and the life cycle is long.

        2.Fluid medium in general industrial processes (including liquid, gas and vapor), caliber range (above DN10), working state (high temperature and high pressure) can be applicable.

        3.It can measure dirty fluids containing impurities (particles): crude oil, sewage, high temperature residue, caustic soda, asphalt, etc.

        4.It can meet a variety of installation methods: flange installation straight pipe section type, pair clamp type, plug-in type, split type, on-line plug type.

        5.It can be checked by weight hanging method, which brings convenience to user for periodic checks.

        6.It has zero and full calibration functions.

        7.It has the characteristics of shockproof, strong electromagnetic interference and so on.

      Main Technical Parameters

      LCD: Field display of variable information

      Output Signal: Two-wire 4~20 mADC current output and load HART protocol communication

      Power Supply: 12V~30VDC

      On-site and remote configuration function: Read, write and configure various process parameters and variables through on-site magnetic switch, remote handset or PC machine debugging software, output two-wire system 4 mA~20 mA square current and load HART protocol communication parameters, variable values.

      Self-diagnostic Information Function: Out of Range Alarm and Fault Diagnosis

      The upper and lower limits of alarm can be specified, and the alarm current is set to 3.8 mA or 22 mA.

      Flange standard: HG/T20592-2009;HG/T20615-2009 or on request

      Nominal Pressure: ≤11MPa

      Accuracy Grade: 0.5, 1.0

      Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+80℃ ( when the ambient temperature is ≤-20℃, there is no display of LCD.

      Medium Temperature: -196℃≤T<+100℃ (without cooling fin), +100℃≤T≤+400℃(with cooling fin)

      Damping Time Selection: 0-32 seconds

      Explosion-proof Type: Ex ia Ⅱ C T5 Ga, Ex d Ⅱ C T5/T6 Gb

      IP Rating: IP66

      Turndown: 5:1

      Measurement Range: Minimum measurable 3m3/h(20℃ water)

      Power Supply Inlet: 2* M20×1.5 (female thread) or on request


      Refining: Distillation Tower

      Natural Gas: Sulfur Recovery, Acid Gas Recovery


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