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      TRG804X Radar Level Transmitter 6.3GHz

      TRG804X non-contact type radar level transmitter has a wider measurement range, and better diagnostic function. The use of advanced signal processing technology can filter out false targets or other noise signals. Pulse string radar level transmitter transmits short pulse string to the liquid surface. Through antenna, it can transmit extremely short pulses with very low energy. By using ultra-high speed timing circuit to measure the time required for the pulse signal to meet liquid surface and reflect echo.

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        1.6.3 GHz operating frequencies provide superior performance in applications of turbulence, foam and heavy vapor

        2.Maximum process temperature can be up to 250℃

        3.Maximum measuring range can reach 30m

        4.Quick connection/disassembly of probe shaft sleeve allows the container to remain sealed

      Main Technical Parameters

      Measurement Range: 30m

      Accuracy: ±5mm or 0.1%FS (whichever is greater)

      Blind Zone:300mm

      Ambient Temperature: -40℃~70℃

      Minimum Dielectric Constant: 1.8

      Power Supply: (16~36)V DC (two wire)

      Explosion-proof: Intrinsic safety Ex ia IIC T1~T5/T6 Ga;Ex ia D 20 T85℃

      Intrinsic safety & flameproof compound type: Ex d ia [ia Ga]IIC T1~T5/T6 Gb;Ex tD A21 T100℃ /T85℃

      Housing/IP Rating: Aluminum/IP67

      Output Signal: 4~20mA

      Resolution: 1mm

      Transmission Frequency:6.3GHz

      Structure Type: Rod antenna, horn antenna


      Chemical Industry: desalination tank, stirring and mixing system, chlor-alkali process

      Sewage Treatment Industry: sedimentation tank level, water storage tank, shunt tank level, filter tank level, lime slurry level, drilling fluid storage tank

      Electricity Industry: condensate storage, fuel oil storage, lubricating oil tank


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