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      UQK-400 Float Level Controller

      UQK400 float level controller is composed of float, connecting rod, magnetic sensor and magnetic switch and signal conversion mechanism. The change of the medium level in the container causes the relative displacement of the float, which drives the connecting rod and the iron core to move up and down to change the relative position of the magnetic sensor. Through the magnetic coupling, the micro switch or the reed switch is operated to achieve level control and alarm.

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        1.The float is made of 304, 316, TA2 material. A heat insulation mechanism is designed between the wetted part and the output part, which can be used for a long time under 450 ℃ working conditions.

        2.The wetted part is completely isolated from the magnetic coupling system. Compared with other mechanical seal types, the product has higher safety and durability.

        3.The product has passed SIL2 functional safety certification and explosion-proof certification, and can be used in a variety of working conditions to effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents.

        4.The product has bi-stable memory function and it can continue to maintain the alarm signal when the liquid level is ultra-high or ultra-low.

      Main Technical Parameters

      Mounting type: Side mounted

      Measuring range: 60mm~120mm

      Accuracy: Level control: ±4mm ?Interface control: ±6mm

      Nominal pressure: ≤6.3MPa

      Nominal diameter: DN80

      Ambient temperature: -40℃~+80℃

      Medium temperature: -20℃≤T≤+150℃

      Service life: ≥5×105

      Medium density: Level ρ≥0.16g/cm3 ?/?Interface ρ1-ρ2≥0.16g/cm3

      Viscosity: ≤1St(104m2/S)

      Power inlet: G1/2” (inner thread) or on request

      Wetted material: 304, 316L or on request

      Explosion-proof type: Flameproof??Exd II CT1~CT5/T6 Gb

      Intrinsic safety?Exia?II CT1~CT5/T6 Ga

      IP Rating: IP66


      Refining: Diesel storage tank

      Chemical: Desalination tank

      Natural gas: Vapor?dehydration, vapor recovery

      Electricity:?Cooling tower pool, fuel storage, lubricating oil tank, flash tank


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