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      ZTD Displacer Level (Interface) Transmitter

      ZTD displacer level (interface) transmitter is an intelligent level measuring instrument with international leading level independently developed by DDTOP after many years of technical research. The simple buoyancy principle is used to detect the change of level, and then the magnetic signal is converted into a stable 4-20mA current signal and output through the torque tube assembly and the hall sensor. The instrument has a variety of configurations and pressure levels, which are suitable for various applications.

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        1.SIL2 certification certified by both French Bureau Veritas and Shanghai SITIIAS.

        2.Verification is not needed, only configuration is needed.

        3.The product provides 4-20 mA with HART, and can be configured, calibrated and diagnosed on site using the 475 Communicator

        4.Comprehensive fault diagnosis, warning and status history

        5.EU PED pressure vessel certification, the applicable pressure can be up to 42MPa

        6.Maximum process temperature which is applicable in non-vapor condition can be up to 500℃

        7.Flame-proof and Intrinsic safety certified by CSA, ATEX and IEC

        8.Process parameters can be adjusted online

        9.The transmitter can be converted arbitrarily in 8 positions without affecting the on-site use

        10.It is suitable for interface measurement and density measurement

        11.EU EMC directive CE certification

      Main Technical Parameters

      Power supply: 12~30V DC; There is reverse polarity protection in controller (the controller voltage ≥17.75 V DC for HART protocol communication)

      Output signal : 4~20 mA DC HART( positive action – increase level, interface or density to increase output; or reverse action – increase level, interface or density to reduce output)

      Measurement Range: 300mm~2500mm (Out of range is acceptable)

      Nominal pressure: ≤42.0MPa(Class2500)

      Nominal diameter: DN40 or on request

      Ambient temperature: -40℃~+80℃ (When the temperature is ≤-20℃, there is no LCD and the remote transmission can be used normally)

      Medium temperature: -196℃≤T≤+450℃

      Accuracy: ±0.5%

      Effect of power supply: when the power supply changes between the minimum and maximum of specified voltage, the output changes <±0.2% full scale

      LCD display: output current signal, process variable, process temperature, percentage range, torque tube rotation angle

      Medium liquid density: 0.2≤ρ≤1.9g/cm3

      Medium density difference: ≥0.04g/cm3

      Torque tube material: Inconel 600 is standard, Monel and HasetlloyC-276 is optional

      Chamber material: carbon steel, 304,316 or on request

      Displacer material: 304,316L or on request

      Flange standard: HG/T20592-2009、HG/T20615-2009 or on request

      Power inlet: 2 nos M20×1.5 (Female thread) or on request

      Explosion-proof type:
      IECEx Ex ia ⅡC T5 Ga;Ex d ⅡC T5/T6 Gb;
      TUV Ex ia ⅡC T5 Ga;Ex d ⅡC T5/T6 Gb;
      PCEC Ex ia ⅡC T5 Ga;Ex d ⅡC T5/T6 Gb;

      Functional Safety Level: SIL2

      IP Rating: IP66

      Alarm selection: Self-diagnosis of faults where process variable measurement is inaccurate (such as faults of electronic modules). Process variable high and low alarm can be configured


      Refining: catalytic crackers, catalytic strippers, catalytic reformers, hydrocracking, coking unit, alkylation storage tank, isomerization, crude oil desalination, distillation tower.

      Chemical: desalted water tank, buffer tank, liquid ammonia storage

      Natural Gas: light hydrocarbon recovery, acid gas recovery, natural gas separator, vapor recovery

      Electricity: feed water heater, condensate storage, condenser hot well, lubricating oil tank

      Sewage Treatment: water storage tank

      Crude Oil Treatment: crude oil dehydration


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